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NovusAGENDA is an electronic board meeting
software designed to help create, approve and
track meeting items. This board portal software
allows organizations to save time and money by
automating their paper-intense process while
reducing board member preparation time. 
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School Services of California

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School Services of California was founded in 1975 by Ken Hall,
former Deputy Director of the Department of Finance during the
Reagan administration. It has since evolved into the premier
business, financial, management, and advocacy resource for
educational agencies in California. 
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California School Boards Association 

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CSBA is the nonprofit education association representing the
elected officials who govern public school districts and county
offices of education. With a membership of nearly 1,000
educational agencies statewide, CSBA brings together school
governing boards, and administrators from districts and
county offices of education to advocate for effective policies
that advance the education and well-being of the state’s more
than 6 million school-age children. 
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Gamut Online

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Gamut is an online policy information service that
incorporates the complete CSBA Policy Update Reference
Manual — more than 650 sample policies, regulations
and exhibits—that is updated continually.  
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