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2015-2016 Fingertip Facts

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  • This is a detailed fact sheet on the District loaded with lots of information about current accomplishments, ongoing innovation, and future planned implementations.  This is a Google doc that will be changed constantly as necessary.

The Basics The Basics
3176 students at 5 schools, 10 percent of students are interdistrict transfer students, 36 percent of students are connected to the military

  • Locally elected five member Board of Education; superintendent employed by the Board
  • 3161 students
  • Five schools: Coronado High School, Palm Academy, Coronado Middle School, Strand Elementary, and Village Elementary
  • Preschool program for three and four year olds; adult education classes
  • 350 employees: 179 certificated (teachers, counselors, speech therapists, etc.); 149 classified (instructional assistants, custodians, maintenance and grounds staff, etc); 22 certificated and classified administrators (superintendent, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, directors)
  • 10% interdistrict transfer students, including children of parents who work but don’t live in Coronado (by school as of 10/01/15):
    • Coronado High School: 1237 students
    • Palm Academy: 17 students
    • Coronado Middle School: 730 students
    • Village Elementary: 852 students
    • Strand Elementary: 325 students
  • 36% of students are connected to military (based on federal survey cards completed annually)
    • Strand Elementary: 79%
    • Village Elementary: 36%
    • Coronado Middle School: 52%
    • Coronado High School: 26%

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Strategic Planning: Where are we going and how do we get there? Strategic Planning: Where are we going and how do we get there?

Board Goals

  1. LEARNING: Integrate personalized learning with assessment methods that will prepare all students for academic and vocational success.
  2. COMMUNICATION: Communicate openly, freely, and accurately to engage and involve all shareholders.
  3. SUPPORT: Maintain safe and supportive schools where students and staff thrive.

Focus on Site Planning

Committees of teachers, support staff, and parents examined data and programs to determine annual goals for each school. All site plans address:

  • 21st Century learning
  • Communication
  • Character Education
  • SMART goals in English Language Arts, mathematics, and other academic areas

Test Scores: Academic Performance Index Test Scores: Academic Performance Index (API)

Statewide system of ranking performance on standardized tests. Range: 200 – 1000; all schools are to achieve above 800.


Coronado Unified: 894

Elementary Schools

  • Coronado Village: 906
  • Silver Strand Elementary: 901

Middle Schools

  • Coronado Middle: 914

High Schools

  • Coronado High*: 874

*Coronado High School is Highest in County of Comprehensive High Schools

Special Programs: How do we challenge and motivate students? Special Programs: How do we challenge and motivate students?

  • Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, Math pathways (STEAM)
  • Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA)
  • CoSA Digital Media and Filmmaking Department
  • Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)
  • One to One computing continues to be implemented at each site
  • Algebra and Geometry offered for middle school students
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Visual and Performing Arts, K-12
  • Technology Resource Teachers, K-12 (funded by Coronado Schools Foundation)

The Budget The Budget

  • 2012-2013 adopted budget is over $28,000,000
  • Funding mainly from the State revenue limit; $5 million in local property taxes
  • Separate construction budget and deferred maintenance for building repairs; Community Development
  • Funds (CDA); general obligation bond, capital reserve (none of these funds can be used for general fund expenditures)

Budget Challenges

  • A 22% deficit factor that reduces state funding for students
  • Increasing costs: salaries, health benefits, utilities, worker’s compensation, special education mandates, etc.
  • Maintaining competitive salaries (approximately 88% of the budget equals “people”)

Communication and Community Involvement Communication and Community Involvement

  • Board meetings broadcast live
  • Webpage to access information: www.coronadousd.net
  • Superintendent’s articles
  • School Accountability Report Cards by School Wise Press
  • District Strategic Planning Committee
  • Site Strategic Planning Committees
  • Parent Organizations at each site/District meetings
  • Facebook and Twitter

We're Proud of Our Schools We're Proud of Our SchoolsFour schools named California Distinguished Schools, Village Elementary and Coronado High named National Blue Ribbon Schools

  • Four Schools named California Distinguished Schools
  • Village Elementary and Coronado High School named National Blue Ribbon Schools
  • Successful High School WASC 6-year accreditation
  • Approximately 90% of students go on to college
  • Coronado School of the Arts recognized as a demonstration site for the state
  • Palm Academy recognized as state model
  • Silver Strand Elementary highest performing military-impacted school in San Diego County

We Appreciate Our Community We Appreciate Our Community

  • The support of service organizations; volunteering time and resources makes a HUGE difference for our students
  • The support of the Coronado Schools Foundation: together we educate Coronado’s children

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