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The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is composed of interested parents, teachers, staff, and service providers within Coronado. All parents of students with and IEP and friends are encouraged to attend. SEPAC's collaborative network provides support, information, and advocacy opportunities at regular meetings and educational workshops throughout the school year.

Thank you for a successful October meeting. CUSD Clinical Counselors presented the following material to parents. If you missed the event, or were not able to make it, please find the presentation and materials HERE. 

Did you Know…​ ​Students who live with overwhelming stress are two and a half times more likely to fail a grade and are referred to special education more frequently. Research shows that trauma from exposure to ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) can have enormous impact on the difficulties many children bring to the process of learning, forming relationships, and behaving appropriately at school. Research also shows that misbehavior often comes from a child’s inability to regulate their emotions. Therefore, interventions that address a child’s underlying emotions have more impact on improving behavior than traditional consequences and rewards.



Thank you for attending our October Family Movie Night! 

What an inspiring evening! And a special THANK YOU to Steve Wampler for his attendance and time with our families and students. We truly appreciate everyone's support. 

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If you missed SEPAC's May Board Meeting - you can watch the Inclusion Panel Discussion HERE! 


Interested in Becoming a Member? For more information, please contact: coronadosepac@gmail.com