ALL CUSD Staff Welcome Back and Professional Development Event

Posted by: District 1 year, 5 months ago

ALL CUSD Staff Welcome Back and Professional Development Event

Today, August 22nd CUSD welcomes back all of their staff at an annual celebratory and professional development event.

This daylong development training is a key component of bringing the entire district together to create unity with every single employee, show appreciation for all staff and remind everyone of their unique and important role in shaping the lives of our students.

With almost 35 new staff members, including our new superintendent Karl Mueller, this year’s event creates the perfect opportunity to welcome new additions and get to know them better.

Karl Mueller has kept the specifics of the agenda under wraps, but employees can count on one overarching theme: “How can I impact students in the community?”

This theme will give all team members permission to dream big about ways that they can create a lasting impact on students, both individually as well as part of the entire group. Through brainstorming and pushing the envelope on how each member can contribute, we look forward to discussing innovative approaches to student learning.

As in the past, the day will aim to celebrate team members, recognize individuals for their exceptional work and cultivate a community throughout the district. Acknowledgements will include highlighting teacher longevity and being given tenure.

This year’s event has a special surprise in store. It will be hosted at the Hotel Del Coronado.

The district is incredibly grateful for the tremendous support of the Hotel Del Coronado for their partnership with CUSD to host the event. Going far above and beyond, the Del has stepped up in a big way to help supplement costs. Overall, the event will cost the district approximately the same as if they hosted it at one of the school sites.

This event is an important part of cultivating the dedicated culture we have at CUSD.