Chromebooks to Replace Old Netbooks

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 2 years, 2 months ago

Chromebooks to Replace Old Netbooks

“For districts looking to get the most bang for their ed tech buck, devices that fall somewhere between tablets and traditional laptops can be just the right fit.” – Dian Schaffhauser

In her article, 3 Reasons Chromebooks are Shining in Education, Dian Schaffhauser outlines the biggest reasons school districts are switching to Chromebooks:

  • The Price is Right
  • A Practical, Durable Form Factor
  • Straightforward Device Management

Deploying Chromebooks throughout a district takes years of planning to ensure that all software systems can be used on the devices.  CUSD took a strong “device neutral” or “device agnostic” approach, and built its learning platforms on web tools that could be run on almost any device.  This planning lead CUSD to deploy Google Apps for Education, Haiku, and many other programs all accessible via internet access.  

As CUSD’s netbook and student desktop replacement cycles arise, Chromebooks and Chromebases will be replacing the older machines.