Closed Campus at High School to be Discussed by School Board

Posted by: Jeffrey Felix 4 years, 4 months ago

Closed Campus at High School to be Discussed by School Board

School Board Member Maria Simon asked fellow members to consider studying the subject of allowing students to leave the high school campus during the 40 minute lunch period. She cited numerous safety issues that have been brought to her attention by concerned citizens and community groups.

"Anyone familiar with CHS knows that it is a beautiful campus, but the porous design is an added safety challenge," explained Simon. "We have added fences and strengthened our resistance to outside intrusion, but then we just allow our students to roam free at lunch. Does this make sense?"

Students are allowed to leave the CHS campus if they are in 10th through 12th grade. Students are not required to post their lunch destination, nor are they supervised by adults during this period. Freshmen must remain on campus unless they have a signed release from their parents for occasional special reasons.

Superintendent Felix offered a three month discussion on this subject beginning October 17th at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Community members, staff, and students will be given the opportunity to comment on the discussion at the November 21st meeting with possible action in December or January. Any action taken would be for the next school year.