College Credit & Career/Technical Courses: Opportunities at Coronado High School

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College Credit & Career/Technical Courses: Opportunities at Coronado High School

CUSD College and Career Ready

We consider ourselves successful at preparing students at CHS if they can trace aspects of a satisfying vocation, activities, and healthy lifestyle back to experiences in high school. Therefore, our aim is to provide a comprehensive education that gives students the ability to pursue topics of passion in depth, gain experiences aligned with post-graduation goals, and explore electives and activities which promote a balanced lifestyle.

Two programs in which students can commit to multi-year explorations are Advanced Placement and Career/Technical (CTE) Pathways. Students who graduate with AP and CTE courses demonstrate college-level depth of learning and hands-on career experiences.


Advanced Placement Courses

Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide students with opportunities to extend learning in particular disciplines and potentially gain college credit.  The College Board creates the curriculum, mirroring the type of coursework students can expect to encounter in college. At the end of the year, students may opt to take a comprehensive exam; passing scores may result in credit at colleges or opportunities for enrollment in advanced courses.  

We currently offer over 20 different AP courses, covering all core subject matters such as math, English, history, and science, as well as art, computer science, world languages, and psychology. 

Enrolling in an AP course isn’t always about seeking college credit. Many students opt out of taking the end-of-course exam, having chosen AP courses to better prepare for the rigor of college, gain a deeper understanding of a topic they are passionate about, or take a class with one of our talented AP teachers. 

While many students are tempted to load their schedules with AP courses in order to bolster their transcripts or GPAs, we advise students to select advanced courses aligned with individual goals and interest, and ensure that there are ample opportunities for electives and extracurriculars during the school day and beyond.


Career Technical Education

Career/Technical Education (CTE) courses explore disciplines over a multi-year continuum of career-preparation courses. Blending core academic knowledge with occupational knowhow, these courses may give students the ability to jump into a technical field or trade school following graduation. Students learn practical applications through lab experiences and internships, as well as practice interviewing, researching related jobs, and building resumes.

We offer 7 course areas in the arts, health/sports medicine, engineering/design, woodworking, and technical theatre.    

Blending real-life applications with academic instruction is the foundation of our coursework at Coronado School of the Arts (COSA). Providing intense, pre-professional arts education, COSA focuses heavily on building in career technical education for students. It’s not solely about exploring music, dance, or digital design. COSA pushes the conversation to include high-level thinking around what type of careers support this passion and how to build in desirable traits for employers, get your foot in the door with internships, and more.


Broadening Horizons 

In addition to rigorous academic courses, we also aim to expose students to new experiences—of the mind and body.

This school year, we are adding yoga and home economics to our offerings. Student enthusiasm for these two courses far exceeded our expectation, showcasing that students are eager to engage in activities related to pursuing healthy, harmonious lives.

At the end of the day, education is not solely about building a resume; it’s also about creating a foundation for long-term personal development, embedding healthy lifestyle habits, and exposing students to new opportunities. That’s why we are proud to offer a range of courses to meet diverse needs, interests, and goals.