CUSD Board Goal Series: New School Board Goal Emphasizes Communication

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CUSD Board Goal Series:  New School Board Goal Emphasizes Communication

CUSD Board Goal Series

Most people are well aware of the different ways our district works to keep parents, teachers, and community members informed about programs and initiatives at the school district. This Series of articles is one of several different ways we regularly post information to the Coronado community.

We pride ourselves on our continual efforts to keep everyone up-to-date. This includes promoting materials through different avenues so community members can utilize a manner that works best for their needs.

Recently, we made those efforts formal through our second board goal focused on communication:

“Communicate openly, freely, and accurately to engage and involve all shareholders.”

Digital Resources

Facebook? We got it. We own and manage six different pages. Twitter? We’re tweeting with several different names all tied in with the principals of each school. Website? We own several domains and manage nine different websites. Email Blasts? We have a separate company that handles the emails, texting, and voice calling that can be performed by the Superintendent as well as each principal with only a few swift keystrokes. And don’t forget that we even have our own Coronado TV portal located at  Both the middle school and the high school have classes devoted to the creation, production, and broadcasting of district and school news.

As a tech savvy school, we employ various digital tools to push out information. We are very serious about making it easy for the community to check in and see what’s going on at the school, even if you want the latest news condensed to 140 characters.

Part of the beauty of technology today is the ability to track numbers, view engagement, and see data. We measure which ways our community engages with us the most and work to better those areas. For example, we’ve had close to a million people visit our website since 2013. Knowing that, we regularly post updates, information, and news on our blog.


Learning Management System— PowerSchool (formerly Haiku)

One of the best communication tools we’ve adopted is our learning management system PowerSchool (formerly Haiku). This easy-to-use resource directly connects teachers, students, and parents. Students can log in to see their homework assignments and view resources and courses. Parents have their own accounts where they can see overviews of assignments, review any updates, and email with teachers.

If you are a parent and haven’t interacted with PowerSchool (formerly Haiku), here are our blog posts with tips

Face to Face

Our digital tools will never fully replace the power of an in-person meeting. In truth, the digital tools primarily serve as a way to share information. When it comes to addressing situations, doing formal check-ins, and building relationships, face-to-face meetings are the most effective.

That is why we stress the importance of our parent-teacher conferences. As a district, we have 100% parent-teacher conference participation. It turns out our parents also appreciate the power of in-person connections.

In fact, we welcome parents to connect with their teachers throughout the year or as concerns arise. We also encourage our teachers and staff to arrange in-person parent meetings, even inviting students, to talk about different challenges that come up throughout the year. Email doesn’t create the same impact as when you have everyone at the same table brainstorming solutions.


On the Horizon

One exciting communication and archiving tool we have on the horizon is the
E-Portfolio. Eventually, every student will have a digital portfolio that they add to and build upon each school year. This helps students see their growing process and personal learning development. Additionally, teachers can look back to previous years to see how a student tackled different subjects. Our hope is that students can retrieve this data and take it with them when they graduate.

Transparency and Engagement

Our goal as a school district is to have transparency with our community. We want everyone to know what initiatives we have and how we are working to develop new and more effective learning environments.

Communication is a two-way street. As we continue to develop ways for you to connect with us, we would like to invite you to engage with us. Connecting with the Coronado community to have conversations around education helps us steer our efforts in the most meaningful direction.