CUSD Board Goal Series: New School Board Goal Underscores Safety & Support

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CUSD Board Goal Series: New School Board Goal Underscores Safety & Support

CUSD Board Goal Series

Safety isn’t a new priority for Coronado Unified School District. We pride ourselves on our dedication to ensuring that we maintain a safe environment for both students and staff alike. As a school district in California, we comply with the Williams case to provide safe and clean schools. With our new board goals, we are reemphasizing our commitment to these safety measures. 

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We are actively seeking to recognize the comprehensive components of maintaining a safe environment. Through the emphasis of our board goal, we are continuing our efforts to expand the aspects of school safety. This covers both physical safety as well as focusing on the social and emotional safety and well being of our community.

Here are several initiatives we are working on:


Updating School Safety Plans

We update our school safety plans annually. This update differs from previous years, as we will be using a more robust template to build out the safety plans. This comprehensive district plan will then translate into site-specific safety plans.


Additional Counseling Support

Our strong partnership with the City Council has led to a special joint powers agreement allowing the city to partner with CUSD and provide financial support for the creation of a Healthy Children’s Initiative. This initiative helps to provide holistic health counseling services to our students. 


Finalizing Physical Perimeter

We have been working across the district to install a physical perimeter around every school in the district. Currently, we are installing the last piece of the perimeter, which is a gate between BBMAC and the football field. 

Once complete, we will have a solid perimeter around every single school in the district. This will mandate that all visitors enter through the front office at each school.


Upgrading Alarm Monitoring Systems

We are currently in the process of upgrading all of our alarm monitoring systems at sites throughout the district. This heightened security will maintain the safety and integrity of our buildings during all hours.


Committed Even in Hard Financial Times

Even though we are facing hard financial times, we want the entire community of Coronado to rest assured that we are placing safety as a top priority for both students and staff. While we continue to develop different methods to address drastic budget cuts, such as the planned degradation of our buildings, at no time will we sacrifice the safety of anyone in our district.