CUSD Budget affects Netbook Deployment & School Site Computer Support

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 4 years ago

CUSD Budget affects Netbook Deployment & School Site Computer Support

CUSD uses Netbooks for a variety of classroom learning purposes, including NWEA MAP Testing, Compass Learning, Google Docs, Haiku, and Ticket to Read. To prepare Netbooks for use the in classroom, IT Staff must update all software such as Java, Adobe, and Flash, as well as activate antivirus on each machine.  These updates require using internet bandwidth to install the software updates.  It is much preferred to do this work after school hours in order to reserve the bandwidth for student applications being used in the classroom.  However, the freeze in overtime hours greatly limits the IT Staff ability to work outside of the student school day.  With the NWEA MAP testing window deadline looming, Netbook set up work will need to be completed during school hours. 

The impact on the school sites will be as follows:

  1. Possible slowing of network resources, such as drive access on network folders.
  2. Possible slowing of internet speeds
  3. Limited computer technician support at school sites for approximately three weeks

The CUSD IT Department is continuing to investigate ways to improve the process of building Netbooks to prepare them for classroom use.  As that research is completed, the process of building Netbooks continues to be as described above.