CUSD Elementary Schools Going to Semester in 2016-17

Posted by: District 1 year, 6 months ago

CUSD Elementary Schools Going to Semester in 2016-17

The upcoming 2016-2017 school year will be the first year that our elementary schools will operate on a semester schedule. Switching from trimester to semester will ensure a more closely aligned elementary grading calendar with the rest of the CUSD schools.

In addition to mirroring the rest of the district, the change to semesters will provide teachers with more time to assess student progress, giving parents more valuable feedback on their child’s academic development. 

The implementation of elementary semesters will change reporting periods to every nine weeks, giving three more weeks for teachers to truly get to know students. For teachers, this will also considerably reduce time spent completing reports, allowing that time to be better invested into the classroom.

We believe that this will work to better serve everyone: parents, teachers, and students.

Changes for parents:

  • Each semester will be approximately 18 weeks as opposed to the previous 12-week trimester;
  • There will be 4 reports throughout the year: two progress reports required only for students who are performing below grade level in November and April, and two report cards for all students in early February and June.    
  • Though there will not be a formal report card at the time of the November parent/teacher conference, substantial formative information on student progress will be shared with parents. There will be an additional three days of parent/teacher conferences in April for students who are performing below grade level only.

While the switch to semesters will have a few schedule and reporting changes, we want the community to know that we continue to prioritize open and frequent parent-teacher communication, the critical factor  in ensuring student investment in his/her education. This is why we strive for 100% of our CUSD parents to attend our annual parent/teacher conferences. For parents or guardians that are deployed or not able to attend in person, we have systems such as Skype in place to have these conferences.