CUSD Emphasizes Communication

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CUSD Emphasizes Communication

CUSD Communication

District Goals

Our district values communication with our parents, students, community members, and staff. In fact, we remain so resolute in our dedication to maintaining open communication that we made it the focus of one of our three board goals. 

The official CUSD Governing Board Goal reads, “Communicate openly, freely, and accurately to engage and involve all shareholders.” 

While the board goal may fit concisely into a singular sentence, the application covers a broad spectrum and requires us to continually check in on our progress and refine our efforts. We measure our success with this goal based on three key indicators: Accessibility, informed groups, and feedback loop.


1) Accessibility

We want our team members to be accessible to shareholders. If there are questions, concerns, or a desire to learn more, it’s important that everyone knows they can reach out to our staff. This takes many different shapes and forms. For one, all parents can email or call teachers. If that’s not enough, they can take advantage of meeting opportunities. Our counselors and other staff members can also be reached via email, phone, or a scheduled appointment. 

Reaching out isn’t enough; responsiveness plays a major role in accessibility. At Coronado Unified School District, we encourage all of our staff to respond to inquiries and other requests in a reasonable amount of time.  


2) Informed Groups

The second component revolves around keeping our shareholders informed about different policies, happenings, and programs within our district. This means both regularly putting out information in the community as well as directing questions to the right people.

We are particularly proud of the different outlets we push information through. For starters, we have this blog that you are reading now. We curate a lot of information here, as well as partner with Raindrop Marketing to ramp up the output. This means that our blog sees over a dozen new posts each month.

In addition, we have our weekly communiqué, weekly email from principals, information boards in Haiku, monthly posts in the Coronado Times, and updates via social media. All of the district websites are regularly updated as well.


3) Feedback Loop 

Communication is a two-way street. Just as we want to push out information to our community, we also want to hear from shareholders. We strive to create multiple outlets where parents or community members can address concerns, start dialogues, and work to create solutions. 

Through our school site councils, school site planning teams, strategic partnerships, board meetings, and other organizations, we work hand in hand with parents and community members to align goals and create actionable steps to move forward. This also includes tailored events, such as Military Spouses Night and Parents Book Club. 

It’s important that parents feel they have a voice in their child’s education.

Lastly, we partner with various community organizations, including Rotary, the Optimist Club, and the SAFE Coalition, and the City of Coronado and Coronado Police Department. We do this for many reasons, such as the dedication to being an active organization in the community. Another reason is to work collectively so we are all striving to keep Coronado the enchanting and safe community we all love.