CUSD Joins the Efforts to be Waterwise

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 2 years, 6 months ago

CUSD Joins the Efforts to be Waterwise

Looking to schools to do their part on the drought by Tom Chorneau:  Click here to read Tom Chorneau's full article.

As Californians face down a fourth year of drought, schools are increasingly becoming a focal point of not only disseminating best practices to the rest of the community but also finding creative and effective ways to save water themselves.  The California Department of Education issued new guidance on what facility managers can do to save water, while the state schools chief sponsored a Twitter page, #waterwiseschools, where students, teachers and others can post what they are doing to help get through the drought.  

The following are some examples of how CUSD is working to conserve water in Coronado:

  • Spread soil amendments like composts, peat, or aged manures on the sandy soil at Silver Strand to increase the water and nutrient holding capacity.
  • Use native or drought tolerant planting whenever possible.
  • Install mulch around trees, shrubs, and bedding plants.
  • Water during the early parts of the day or after sunset.
  • Provide irrigation for trees to maintain health.
  • Water plants for a longer time period, less frequently.
  • Allow the grass to grow longer (3 inches), especially in the summer.
  • Always place a pool cover on both outdoor swimming pools.