CUSD Professional Development to Include Late Start Thursdays

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CUSD Professional Development to Include Late Start Thursdays

CUSD Professional Development

Late Start Thursdays

At Coronado Unified School District, we will be including three Late Start Thursdays this upcoming school year:

  • September 21, 2017;

  • November 30, 2017

  • March 1, 2018.

On each of these dates, teachers will group together to review important topics such as writing curriculum, reviewing student work, evaluating assessment results, and surveying new standards. Elementary schools will group together by grade or as a whole, depending on the topic. Middle school and high school teachers will group by subject matter or department.

Maximizing Opportunities

Coronado Unified School District receives much less funding for staff professional development than other California school districts. The result is that only one full day of professional development is set aside each year.

While the cost prohibits including more dedicated days, it’s still important to have additional time allocated throughout the year. That’s why we have implemented Late Start Thursdays. This provides an additional 6 hours of collaborative learning time for CUSD teachers.

Key Focuses for Professional Development

Given the limited opportunities, we work to narrow in on specific focuses for each occasion. While a collected six hours may not seem like a lot, our dedicated team can accomplish a lot in a relatively short time frame.

Each Late Start Thursday will have specific topics for the group of teachers to work on.

We are intentional with all aspects of professional development. This includes sending some staff to conferences or pursuing other individualized learning. The district has some funds allocated for professional development. Each school site does as well, based on their overall budget.  

When considering professional development for teachers, either as a group or individually, we evaluate based on:

  • Creating personalized professional development and supporting common professional learning needs;

  • Supporting teachers in professional development related to their credentials;

  • Helping teachers who are teaching a new curriculum; 

  • Supporting all teachers in professional learning based on new standards.

As a future ready district, we also work to build in opportunities for staff to learn new technologies that help enhance student learning.

While we do not have have the financial resources available to build in the amount of professional development that we would like, we work with the resources available to the district. These opportunities, limited as they might be, are essential to cultivating the high standard of learning we strive for in our schools. Fortunately, our dedicated team works exceptionally hard to make the most of the opportunities they are given.