CUSD Spotlight on Brooke Binns, 7 Things You Didn't Know About Coronado Middle School's Assistant Principal

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CUSD Spotlight on Brooke Binns, 7 Things You Didn't Know About Coronado Middle School's Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Brooke Binns is a familiar face around the Coronado Middle School campus, and after more than 10 years at the school, she should be. This year, however, is her first in the position of assistant principal.


She began her career sharing her passion and teaching music to our middle school Tritons. From there, she strengthened her leadership skills and went back to school to complete her Master’s degree and gain admin credentials to take on her new role. We chatted with Binns on how she got to where she is, her typical day and in the spirit of the holiday season, her favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition. Read on to learn more about Coronado Middle School’s newest AP.


 1.    How did you get started as CMS’s Assistant Principal?

I actually started as a teacher in Coronado in 2006—I was the music teacher so I taught band and choir. After a couple years of teaching I went back to school and got my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and then I got my Admin Credential. I then continued teaching, and was the ASB advisor but I always knew I wanted to eventually be an assistant principal when the time was right, and it just happened to be for this year. Even though it’s my first year at this position, it will have been my eleventh year at the school.


2.    What does your typical day look like?

I really don’t have a schedule, which makes it very interesting and keeps me on my toes. If I have meetings, those are scheduled, but for the most part, I take care of things as they come at me.


In my job as the assistant principal, I work with student discipline a lot; when students are having issues or problems with each other, I have to call those students down to my office to find out more about the incident they’re reporting, and help them work through it, and go through the motion that way. I’m just always running from one thing to the next a lot, because things might be going good and then an incident happens, and then all the other things on my desk have to wait a little longer so I can take care of student safety first. So it’s a lot of working with students, and helping them solve their problems, and also just supporting teachers and staff however I can.


3.    What inspired you to work in education?

I really like kids, especially middle school kids and when I realized I could do what I love, which was music, and teach kids, I thought it was the absolute perfect combination for me. So I got to take something I was passionate about and spread it to other people as well. And that’s what inspired me to become a teacher.

4.    What subject was your favorite when you were in school?

I actually didn’t have music in school, so my favorite subject was history.

5.    What are some of the challenges that face your students?

I think a lot of the challenges students face is that pressure to be cool and fit in, and how to navigate that and know that it’s okay to just be yourself and people will like you for who you are. One of the biggest things that students face is the fact that they want to feel accepted, and it’s harder in middle school.

6.    What goals do you have for this school year?

My goals for this school year really are to build relationships with my students and staff and find out ways I can support them and help them in whatever ways they need. I really want to connect with them. Connect and invest—that’s my goal.

7.    What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory or tradition?

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition would probably be that I go to my parents’ place on Thanksgiving—when I was growing up I was always there too—but it’s just a time to hang out with family and have some fun. We always drink Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, it’s kind of a tradition that we have. But it’s kind of fun to just lay around and spend the whole day not doing work and just enjoying each other’s company.