CUSD Spotlight on Claudia Gallant, 7 Things You Didn't Know About CUSD’s Senior Director of Learning

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CUSD Spotlight on Claudia Gallant, 7 Things You Didn't Know About CUSD’s Senior Director of Learning

Coronado Unified School District’s Senior Director of Learning is a veteran in the field. With a total of 36 years in education, 26 years of which was spent teaching third, fourth and fifth grade, and more than two decades within the district, Claudia Gallant has the experience that leads her to excel in her position (which she’s held since 2010).


Her role as head of her department has Gallant wearing many hats to support and develop students, teachers, and staff throughout the entire district. Her department oversees seven main areas related to our primary focus of learning for our preschool through adult students: Curriculum and Instruction Director; State and Federal Programs Director, CALPADS, Accountability, Strategic Planning, and LCAP; Assessment Director; Bilingual Director; Oversight of DoDEA Grants; Oversight of Child Care and Preschool Programs; and Certificated Professional Development.


So if you think Gallant keeps busy, you’d be right. She took time out of her bustling schedule to give us a little insight on her future goals, not-so-typical schedule, and what inspires her in her job.


1. What does your typical day working around CUSD look like?

No day is the same! The varied nature of what I oversee could take me from visiting a preschool classroom to planning a professional development session to reviewing student data to visiting a high school class. My favorite part is being in the classroom and it’s critical that I do that to stay abreast of student and teacher needs. However, equally as important is that I meet with administrators, teachers, and my staff to support every aspect of my job. During this era of change to content standards, new assessments, and new accountability measures, I also spend time at state- and county-level trainings so that I can bring this new information to make sure that we do what we are required to do as a public district. Roughly, I’d say that a third of my time is spent learning, observing, and planning, whereas the other 2/3 are spent on overseeing the details of our plans. I have a very small but mighty staff who work so hard and care very much for our students.


2. What subject was your favorite when you were in school?

I loved the humanities, and particularly foreign language. I became a Spanish major, and spent time abroad in college honing my Spanish skills. I also loved the arts!


3. What inspired you to work in education?

I’m the oldest child of six, so I have been a teacher of some kind my entire life. Some great teachers during my years as a student inspired me along the way. I have always thought that too many adult problems start in childhood, and that if I could provide a caring, inspiring, and safe environment where learning could thrive and where children would learn to be caring and capable, then there would be no profession worthier than that. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I keep in touch with many of my former students, many of whom are parents now. It is so rewarding to see the lovely people they have become and to think I might have had a tiny role in that.


4. What do you like best about your job?

I love working with all of our dedicated, talented staff. I also love seeing the results of our work in the success of our students and their teachers.


5. What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

My favorite things about the holiday season is celebrating our blessings with my large wonderful family and close friends, perhaps making and giving a handmade gift, and the music!


6. What goals do you have for the New Year?

My school-related goals for the New Year are to continue working closely on CUSD’s vision for student-centered learning by supporting our teachers and administrators with continued professional learning. I also am working hard to make certain that we have strong systems to intervene early when students need support rather than trying to help after the fact. My personal goals are fitness-related, and to see our new grandson every chance I get!


7. What is a secret someone wouldn't guess about you?

I’ve been a learner for the last three years taking on oil painting, and I’m hooked! I’m also a huge James Taylor fan and have met him twice.