CUSD Spotlight on Tammy Marble, 7 Things You Didn't Know About Silver Strand Elementary School's Principal

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CUSD Spotlight on Tammy Marble, 7 Things You Didn't Know About Silver Strand Elementary School's Principal

This school year, Tammy Marble says she’s honored to have joined the Coronado team and to support the wonderful staff, students, and families of Silver Strand. It’s been a long road through education that’s gotten her to her newly appointed position as Principal of Silver Strand Elementary.


She started her educational career as a daycare staff member at a private school and soon moved on to a preschool classroom. During that time, Marble continued her own education, finishing her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood, getting an elementary teaching credential, obtaining a reading specialist credential and finally receiving an administrative credential. On top of this, she obtained two Master of Arts degrees—one in Education and one in Educational Leadership—all while teaching Kindergarten and third grade throughout California and Arizona. Before taking the helm here in Coronado, Marble also used her degrees and credentials to pursue a position as a Language Arts Specialist at the elementary-school level.


Now that she’s started the year at Silver Strand, Marble has specific goals in mind and is hoping to create a system of support for her new students.


1.     What does your typical day look like?

My typical day involves supporting students, teachers and other staff members, as well as parents and community members with whatever they may need. Curriculum and data analysis are also important items that I spend time on. There are often meetings that take place throughout the day. It is important to me to be visible and out in classrooms and around campus as much as possible. Other special events and occasions also fill my day (i.e. Friday Flagpole celebrations, assemblies, and special events such as our upcoming Jog-a-thon).


2.     What subject was your favorite when you were in school?

My favorite subject in school was reading and writing which probably explains why I went on to become a Language Arts Specialist before moving into administration.


3.     What inspired you to work in education?

My inspiration to work in education is similar to most educators, I would assume. I love working with children and seeing them get inspired about learning and growing into the people they were meant to become. I also enjoy supporting teachers and families.


4.     What do you like best about your job?

What I like most about my job is when I feel I make a difference in someone's life. In particular, I like it when people feel inspired, challenged, supported, and encouraged. I also immensely enjoy it when I see the light come on in a child's eyes when they “get it” and then when they become inspired to know more and to grow more.


5.     What are some of the challenges that face your students?

Students may face many challenges these days. Probably one of the biggest challenges our students face is having a family member who is deployed or otherwise serving in the military. We have a very high concentration of military families here at Silver Strand and specific challenges can sometimes arise with service. This is why we offer many opportunities for our students and families to feel connected and supported throughout the school year. We welcome and partner with our families and desire to provide them with the highest level of support possible.


6.     What goals do you have for this school year?

I have many goals for this school year including (but not limited to) establishing positive working relationships and community involvement, along with excellent communication. I also desire to have a strong arts program and support for our English language learners. I feel compelled to encourage good attendance and programs that support students to be in school. And I feel very strongly about continuing to offer our students the best possible support services possible (i.e. our ASE program, “specials” classes, and after school clubs) in order to meet their diverse and ever changing needs. School safety will also be a focus area for me this school year.


7.     What’s your favorite thing about fall and the back-to-school season?

My favorite thing about fall and the back-to-school season is the sense of newness and opportunities for growth and change. I do love the changing seasons, but since San Diego is so temperate we don't typically tend to see as much of this outwardly as might be the case in other parts of our country. Therefore, I look inward and encourage others to do the same. I would challenge myself and others to consider, “How can I learn more, grow more, and give more this year?” Fall gives us all this opportunity to think about the ways that this year can enhance us as individual people and can challenge us to be the “best possible versions of ourselves.”