New Fans to Improve Student Learning Environments

Posted by: District 1 year, 5 months ago

New Fans to Improve Student Learning Environments

CUSD CASLE Committee

Many students will be enjoying more comfortable learning conditions this fall thanks to the efforts of the Committee to Analyze the Student Learning Environments (CASLE) to bring in specialized, high-efficiency fans in select classrooms. Four classrooms at CHS, two at Village, and two at CMS were selected to pilot the new fans.


Sophisticated Fans

The committee used Haiku Fans from BAF as the supplier for these new high-tech, modern, and efficient fans. The selection was easy considering the company’s strong reputation and willingness to donate 25% of the fans. 

While the committee collected data on the classrooms last spring, this year they will be able to collect a much more in-depth analysis thanks to donated monitors and recorders. This will give the committee hard data to determine the success of the project next year, as well as map out further solutions to improve classroom environments.  

In addition to the fans, CASLE will be installing modern solar film coating on the south and west facing windows in the pilot classrooms.

The cost for the two pilot projects, one for fans and one for solar film, in eight rooms is approximately $17,500 in total. Funding was approved at the regular June board meeting.  This does not include inspection and repair of in place systems. That work is part of the standing Facilities Management Plan.


Focusing on Training and Operating Instructions

Last year, when the committee surveyed classrooms, many teachers admitted not knowing how to correctly operate the current systems in place. To ensure the new fans are maximized, the final piece of this program will have training and operating instructions for teachers.


More Projects Underway

All of the school sites will benefit from the thorough inspection and repair of in-place ventilation systems. This project is currently underway.

Silver Strand is the only site with heat pumps. The committee is investigating the feasibility and cost of adding AC capability to those units. 


Special Thanks to Prime Electric and Others Who Made This Project Possible

Completing the fan project on such a short timeframe wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible work of all parties included. While there were many individuals dedicated to making this project happen, several individuals and organizations went above and beyond.

That includes:

  • Prime Electric for donating the installations as well as completing it on short notice;
  • BAF for donating two fans;
  • CASLE Committee member Jennifer Hawkins for bringing in Prime Electric;
  • CASLE Committee members Tom Calhoun and Jim Richmond for their invaluable expertise in designing the programs, including free use of temperature monitor and recorders;
  • Teachers who volunteered their own time to serve on the committee, including Brad Couture, Lynn Hansen-Rowe, Jon Zimmer, Laura Byington, Katie Leontieff, and Steve Slatten;
  • The entire CASLE Committee for their hard work;
  • The District Office for their support and commitment to pushing the project through.

If you are interested in joining the CASLE Committee or learning more about the projects the organizations champions throughout the year, you can check them out here.