New SOLO Study Plans Give Coronado Students Increased Flexibility

Posted by: District 2 years, 3 months ago

New SOLO Study Plans Give Coronado Students Increased Flexibility

At Coronado High School we have exciting news for students! This year we are adopting the online independent study plan SOLO (Self-Organized Learning Opportunity).

SOLO courses provide more ways for us to say, “Yes!” to students.

Fundamentally, SOLO’s online courses are a positive step forward towards the overarching goal of providing the most effective education and personalized learning opportunities possible. Incorporating online courses gives students flexibility in scheduling. This allows driven students pursing extra-curricular interests, deeper learning or internships to customize components of their education to complement their passions.

Ultimately, it increases the ability for students to take the lead in their education, tailoring it to their needs and interests.

We are integrating independent learning into the normal school day. Many of the concepts that our students cover are complex. By building this platform into our high school, students have easy access to teachers for support. The online model enhances learning through the ability to “rewind” the teacher, pausing on concepts where students struggle.  These personalized options allow students to go through course work at their own pace.

The flexibility offered is two-fold.

First is the ability to avoid limitations in course scheduling, which is often an issue for students. If Advanced Placement (AP) English is offered at the same time as chemistry, traditionally students have to choose which class to take. Should two desired courses have conflicting schedule, students will have an online course as a secondary option. The online platform offers the majority of courses currently offered at CHS.

The second component reshapes the way education looks for students pursuing extra-curricular interests such as elite sports or performing arts. As these endeavors typically require extensive travel, students can take their education on the road. They stay at the top of their game without missing a beat in their schoolwork.

This semester, former Coronado Pathways Charter School, CoSA (Coronado School of the Arts), and a few students with schedule conflicts have enrolled in SOLO classes. Next spring, all CHS students will have the option of registering for SOLO courses if they are recommended by their counselor as likely to be successful in an independent learning environment. 

However, independent study can be a challenging model for some students. Our goal is to set students up for success. That is why this spring students will need a recommendation from a counselor to enter into SOLO courses. We intentionally put self-organized into the title to promote self-responsibility and motivate them to recognize that they are the primary stakeholder in the success in this program. 

To ensure students are thriving in their online courses, we require them to develop a schedule of conferences with their teachers. Frequency is determined based on assessment of individual students’ needs.

A few months into the launch of the new program and the results have been astounding!

Teachers have been relaying positive comments. Students are both engaged and happy. Even students in the AP courses have been impressed with the quality of the course, as well as the preparation for the final test. 

Additionally, we are thrilled with the ways students have leveraged online learning to pursue their passions. Right now we have multiple students exceling both in school and their passions due to the flexibility the SOLO courses offer.

One such student is a performer. Her passion comes with constant trips to LA for auditions. She isn’t able to take her desired AP courses face-to-face in the current schedule, but the SOLO courses work around her auditions.

Another student is blending SOLO courses with face-to-face instruction while in elite tennis training and competitions.  We see going pro as a real opportunity for this student. That possibility would be harder to attain without a flexible learning model.

At CHS, we are committed to pursuing opportunities that put students at the forefront of learning. SOLO is only one component of our dedication to personalized learning. We are working to provide multiple outlets since not every student’s unique learning style pairs well with every opportunity.

As we continue to bring our vision for personalized learning to life, we will be incorporating more opportunities to facilitate the best learning environment for our students.