Office 365 is On Its Way!

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 1 year, 7 months ago

Office 365 is On Its Way!

CUSD Microsoft Office 365

Productivity Tools and Email for CUSD Staff

CUSD Staff will soon have access to the current version of Microsoft productivity suite, Microsoft Office 365.  

Why move to Office 365?

This system update is exciting for one very important reason - it ensures that all teachers, administrators, and staff have access to their email and files from any internet compatible Windows machine.  This means no matter what Windows based desktop computer they log in to, at work or from home, they can open and access Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, and email.  

The move to Microsoft Office 365 is in line with the district goals for efficiency and cloud based solutions.  By going to the cloud, the district can improve access to the files that staff members use.  Additionally, the tools in Microsoft O365 increase the security and backup access to important documents and files.  This creates cost savings while increasing security and backup.

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The program migration is expected to be smooth; staff will simply see the update once it is deployed.

The Migration Process

During the months of the of the Microsoft Office 365 implementation, each staff member will be moved to the O365 Outlook email program.  The email screen will look very similar to what CUSD staff are accustomed to.  See below for an example screenshot: 

O365 Screenshot 

Additionally, the Microsoft Office Software, including Word, Power Point, Excel, and Publisher, will be updated on each staff member's computer.  At this time, all data files in the H Drive will be copied over to OneDrive.  

OneDrive is the new storage location for files.  After each staff member's data is copied from the H Drive to his/her OneDrive, access to the H Drive will be turned off.  

The heavy work is done in preparing, transferring, and configuring the Microsoft 365 environment by the CUSD Director of Technology and CUSD Network Supervisors along with Dimension Data to support data migration and backup.  A kick-off meeting between all participating technicians occurred in mid-June.