Prepare for Computer Replacement

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 1 year, 1 month ago

Prepare for Computer Replacement

The district deployed a standard protocol of saving items to a network drive, commonly referred to as the "H Drive," ten years ago.  From that point forward, staff were expected to save files to the network drive and not the local computer.  Five years ago, Google Drive was added as an additional option for file saving. 

With the Office 365 migration, CUSD can now move the "H Drive" environment into a Cloud storage solution called the OneDrive protected with backups and security.  Additionally, this Cloud storage is available to staff from any internet browser, allowing staff to access their files from outside the district network.   

The importance of saving files to the H Drive, and now the OneDrive, is to ensure that machines continue to work efficiently with minimal Technology Staff support.  Additionally, computers can fail or be swapped out by the Technology Staff at any time.  Staff computers become desktop devices that give staff access to their content in the Cloud.

As staff prepare to receive new machines this year, as well as in the upcoming Computer Replacement Cycles, it is imperative that they continue the practice of not saving documents to the local computer.  Below are some reminders and tips.

Save Files to H Drive (or OneDrive, Google Drive):
Staff who have documents and/or files saved directly on the machines must save those files elsewhere.  Files saved directly on the machine will be erased and will not be transferred.  Here are some tips on how to save files to various locations.  You can schedule time with your school site Technology Resource Teacher if you need additional assistance:

  1. How to Save Files to Google Drive
  2. How to Save Files to OneDrive
  3. How to Save Files to a USD Flash Drive

Save Bookmarks in Chrome Browser:
Bookmarks and Favorites will not be transferred from one computer to another.  If you have specific Bookmarks that you use in your Internet browser, be sure to login to the Chrome Browser with your CUSD Google Drive username and password.  This will save your Bookmarks in the Chrome Browser.  You can transfer those bookmarks into Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers as well.  Instructions and tips are below.  You can schedule time with your school site Technology Resource Teacher if you need additional assistance:

  1. How to log into the Chrome Browser
  2. How to view/use the Bookmark Bar in Chrome Browser
  3. How to Import Bookmarks into Chrome
  4. How to Import Bookmarks into Firefox (from Chrome)
  5. How to Import Bookmarks into Firefox (from Internet Explorer)
  6. How to Import Bookmarks into Internet Explorer 

Specialty Software:
You can request that any specific software installed on your older computer be installed on the new computer.  Requests for software installations are reviewed and approved by the CUSD Director of Technology.  Each software install can take between ten minutes to three hours of paid Technology Support hourly rate, so software installations are limited to necessary programs only.  Software that poses a security risk will not be installed on district machines.  To request specific software installations on your upcoming computer replacement, contact Technology Help Desk Technician Marshall Redding at or extension 1096.   

Networked printers are installed on CUSD computers.  CUSD does not purchase non-networked, deskjet printers due to the expense of upkeep and replacement, ink cartridges, and hourly rate expenses for Technology Support staff to install individual printers at up to two hours per device.  If deskjet/inkjet printers have been brought into the classroom or office by site staff, they will not be installed or set up on district computers.  Any requests to install deskjet/inkjet printers will be declined.  If a staff member feels that they have a special circumstance, such as a 3D printer for engineering classes, please contact Technology Help Desk Technician Marshall Redding at or extension 1096.