Replacement Cycle Update

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 2 years, 6 months ago

Replacement Cycle Update

CUSD Technology

Computer and Equipment Replacement Cycle

Efficient productivity for staff and students requires a well-organized computer replacement strategy.  The CUSD School Board in 2012 adopted a four year replacement plan mandating the upgrade or replacement of all computers every four years.  The plan ensures that computer devices will have enough memory and speed to operate current applications and access information as expected by the user.

3 Reasons for Replacement

The three main reasons for PC Replacement include Cost, Productivity, and Maintenance.  Replacing an aging computer with a new one greatly increases user productivity.

Impact on Learning

Replacing student and staff computers is of utmost importance to support the learning environment.  Students must have access to current tools and software for content creations.  A four year replacement cycle provides necessary learning devices for students.

Return on Investment (ROI)

A four year replacement cycle also provides an appropriate total cost of ownership formula.  “When computer repair costs exceed the value of the computer, it is time to cut your losses.  If you are spending more time repairing old computers than using them, a new computer will provide significant ROI.” (ACE IT Solutions, 2011)

2 Replacement Strategies

CUSD has adopted two strategies for replacement of devices: Staggered Replacement Cycle and Single Enterprise-wide Deployment.  The appropriate replacement strategy for district devices is determined based on the device use, purpose, and unique characteristics to ensure that all systems are operating at an efficient level for student and staff use.

Visit this link for details regarding CUSD replacement strategies and the status of the CUSD Replacement Cycle as of June 2015: