School Board Hears Superintendent's Plan for the District's Financial Future in 24 Page Report

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 3 years, 3 months ago

School Board Hears Superintendent's Plan for the District's Financial Future in 24 Page Report

Well-being of Faculty and Staff Also Discussed

In a 90 minute session on Wednesday night, the School Board heard from all of the District Administrators in a round-table discussion how they plan to solve the current financial crisis. All of the principals, assistant principals, and senior directors spoke to the Board passionately about the conditions of their school or department and the need for calm and positive speech.

"The beginning of the school year is the wrong time to be discussing cuts ," said Dr. Rebekah Barakos-Cartwright, Senior Director of Human Resources. "The schools are still in the process of hiring staff and developing their instructional program."

A similar tone was displayed by the rest of the administrators.  Some Board Members were not happy with the tone of the meeting and had higher expectations.

"Facing up to $1.7 million in cuts next year we were hoping for an opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate early in the process with district leaders on creative ways to save money," said School Board Member Maria Simon. "Unfortunately our discussion today was not productive along those lines but we will continue to seek input from all staff and community members."

At the end of the round-table discussion, Superintendent Felix was asked to summarize his 24 page report on how employees were feeling after the loss of Proposition E and the early discussion of more cutbacks along with a strategy for the financial future of the organization. 

"This School Board developed a sound plan over a year ago to reduce and then finally end the structural deficit by 2018," stated Dr. Felix. "That plan was a good one then, and it is a good one now. We must stick to the plan and make changes as we go, but with an eye toward keeping the instructional fervor and academic integrity intact. We owe our students nothing less."

A full copy of the Superintendent's report can be downloaded here.