School Board Requests Policy on "Heat Days"

Posted by: Jeffrey Felix 4 years, 4 months ago

School Board Requests Policy on "Heat Days"

CUSD Heat Day Guidelines

Policy draft brought to October 17 meeting

The CUSD School Board asked the Superintendent on September 12 to develop a policy on when it is appropriate to either minimize a school day or call it off altogether when temperatures soar as they did last week. Board Member Bruce Shepherd agreed that something must be done to ease the discomfort students and staff feel on hotter days.

"I agree this is something we should do. A policy would allow us to call for days off or minimum days when it is predicted that temperatures go above a certain degree."

Currently minimum days are called for when the heat index goes above 95 degrees. The Superintendent may also call for days off when the heat index exceeds 95 degree for more than one consecutive day. This policy was developed from national guidelines and does not consider local conditions that may affect Coronado classrooms.

When the Master Plan for the current facilities was developed in the early 1990's, air conditioning was not considered since the buildings are so close to the cool ocean air. School districts with schools on the coastline normally do not put air conditioning in classrooms because temperatures do not usually exceed preferred temperatures. Even if temperatures rise, it is usually for just one to two days and does not justify the enormous expense of placing and maintaining air conditioning units.

A policy will be developed over the next few weeks that considers local conditions and will be brought to the school board at their October 17th meeting. Click here to read the CUSD Heat Day Guidelines.