SchoolDude IT Direct starts on December 1, 2015

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 2 years, 2 months ago

SchoolDude IT Direct starts on December 1, 2015

CUSD Technology

SchoolDude Ticket System

Managing and Tracking Technology Support Requests

Starting on December 1, 2015, all CUSD IT Support Requests will be submitted and responded to through the SchoolDude IT Support Request system.  

As indicated in the district Organizational Efficiency and Comparative Staffing Review, the CUSD Technology Department will benefit from an increased efficiency for support task management.  The MyTechDesk system currently used has provided a great start to task management, but lacks key elements to truly organize time and provide data on total cost of ownership. 

Enter SchoolDude!  SchoolDude will replace the current MyTechDesk providing:

  • Tiered user levels that inform TRTs and site administrators of site ticket requests
  • A prioritizing system for TRTs to create weekly ticket priorities within the system
  • Tech Tips for staff to help them troubleshoot prior to ticket submission
  • Total cost of ownership data
  • Emails to staff members with updates on ticket status

CUSD Staff members will receive individual logins to the SchoolDude IT Direct system for ticket submission.  

The SchoolDude IT Direct ticket system will be rolled out throughout the month of November, with Final Implementation of the system starting on December 1, 2015.  Click here for a printable timeline.

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CUSD Staff members will receive an email when their SchoolDude IT Direct staff logins are created.  Please save this email for future reference.  

If you are a CUSD Staff member and want to login to SchoolDude IT Direct, click here!

Click here to read more information about SchoolDude IT Direct: