Silver Strand Elementary Strategic “Cutting” Session

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 4 years ago

Silver Strand Elementary Strategic “Cutting” Session

Silver Strand Elementary School hosted a Strategic “Cutting” Session on January 15th in the CUSD District Office Board Room.   This Strategic “Cutting” Session was designed to both inform the school community, but to also allow the community to find a way to either avoid these cuts or decide what programs and services to eliminate.

The session was attended by school site staff, school and district administrators, parents, and community members.  After a presentation of budget issues facing the Coronado Unified School District, participants discussed in table teams their reactions, concerns, and priorities for Silver Strand Elementary programs.

This Silver Strand Elementary School Focus Strategic "Cutting" Session is one of four such school meetings held in January.  Each Strategic "Cutting" Session has/will focus on a different school site in the district.  Check the district calendar or your school website calendar for exact dates and times for each session.

Click here for more information about the CUSD Budget.

Click here for an archived video of the Strategic “Cutting” Session attended by over 75 concerned community members at the district office on December 12th. This meeting featured a full presentation of the budget problems facing our school district and questions from the participants. The last hour was spent on deeper questions and possible solutions brainstormed by all attendees.