Stay in the Know with What’s Happening at Your Child’s School

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Stay in the Know with What’s Happening at Your Child’s School

Coronado Unified School District

There’s no denying that there’s a lot going on at our schools. We pride ourselves on having a full academic and activity schedule. While great for students, sometimes that creates challenges for mom and dad to always stay in the loop.

That’s why we provide multiple different ways of communicating with parents that remain up to date.

From digital to in-person to joining a committee, we have it all. We even cover different degrees of involvement. Whether you want to help shape the happenings at schools or just have a few extra reminders about upcoming events, there’s an option for you. 

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) 

Each of our schools has a dedicated group comprised of parents and teachers working to raise funds, support students, and create a sense of community across the school district. You can even determine your involvement within the PTO. There are multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year including the chance to join the leadership team.

Connect with your school’s PTO here.

Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

SEPAC meets monthly to invite parents of students with an I.E.P. to connect with staff, teachers, and board members to discuss ideas about learning environments and academics.

SEPAC has been instrumental in providing leadership and support as the district starts implementing co-teaching models at Crown Preschool. This progressive program works to create more inclusionary opportunities for students with an I.E.P. Special education and general education teachers work together to teach students in an inclusionary classroom. 

We have started with transitional kindergarten and kindergarten. We will launch a co-teaching model in first and second grade this fall.

For more information, email

Military Spouses Group

Forty percent of students across the district have one or more parents that are active duty. We are very honored to have the Military Spouses Group to help support these families, particularly when a parent is deployed or when relocating to Coronado. This monthly meeting with our Military Family Life Counselors creates a support system as well as a place to discuss the challenges associated with military life.

Email to learn more.

School Site Council

Every school in the district has their own School Site Council. This committee works to engage parents as the council approves the school safety plan, works with the administration to design the budget, gives feedback on student learning spending, and helps spread the word about how the school is investing resources.

Contact your school to learn more.

Strategic Planning Committee

Our Strategic Planning Committee works to involve all the stakeholders in the community to brainstorm ways to continue to be successful in student achievement. Every year each of our schools invites community members, parents, staff, and local business owners in to review data and collaborate on how the schools can continue to achieve their missions.

For more information, email Claudia Gallant, Senior Director of Learning at 

Open Door Policy

As a parent you always have the opportunity to meet with your student’s teacher or the staff at the school. It’s a great chance to check in, share concerns, or highlight successes with your student. While we have an open door policy, we request that parents make an appointment directly with the teacher to ensure that they can dedicate time to your meeting.   

PowerSchool Online Portal

Our learning management system Haiku directly connects teachers, parents, and students. Students can review online resources, watch digital courses, and double check homework assignments. It also gives parents the chance to see overviews of coursework and any important updates from the teacher or school.

Additional Digital Updates

As a district we strive to give parents and community members updates in ways that are convenient to them. In fact, you are currently enjoying one of the ways we keep families informed, our blog. This is one of many different online methods we promote information through.

Here are our digital avenues:

  • Articles in eCoronado and the Eagle & Journal;
  • School and district website news blogs;
  • School and district social media accounts like Facebook;
  • Coronado Communiqué from the Superintendent;
  • Email newsletter blasts.

We share a variety of resources and updates such as introducing parents to a new teacher at the school, specifics about an upcoming event, or even detailed information on bigger topics such as a change in board goals. At Coronado Unified School District, we are very proud of the incredible level of engagement that parents in Coronado have with our school system. We will always continue to create multiple ways for our families to stay up to date and involved with what we are doing at the school.