Technology Department Innovation Saves Big

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 1 year, 6 months ago

Technology Department Innovation Saves Big

CUSD Technology Department Innovation Saves District over $180,000!

Approximately one year ago, the CUSD Technology Department began a pilot using Neverware CloudReady.  This pilot was extremely successful, showing that Cloud Ready could be used to continue the use of Chrome operating systems while extending the life and therefore return on investment of computers already purchased.  

How much money did the CUSD Technology Department save for the District?

A total of three school site computer labs and 14 netbook carts were ready for replacement in the 2016-17 school year.  The cost of replacing these machines with new devices was estimated at $235,686.  

However, the CUSD Technology Department chose instead to extend the life of these machines while still providing reliable devices for student learning.  The Technology Department converted the currently owned machines to Chrome devices using CloudReady.  

For a total of 615 devices, the district spent $51,660, providing a cost savings of $184,026 to the school district.   

How did the CUSD Technology Department find out about the Neverware CloudReady product?

This provides an excellent example of how valuable conferences can be for district professionals.  For the fee of a two day conference, the district gained valuable information about an innovative product that saved the district over $180,000.  

What is the Return on Investment?

CloudReady is expected to extend the life of devices for two years or more.  By eliminating maintenance on the devices, Technology Department staff troubleshooting time is eliminated.  Devices can be managed through an online portal from any internet location, allowing for expedited support to staff and students during testing and regular use in classroom learning.  

Eventually, hardware and batteries in the repurposed devices will fail at a "best guess" rate of two years.  Similar to television sets, computer hardware can surprise us by by crashing unexpectedly while, alternately, sometimes lasting much longer than expected.  Over the next four years, the CUSD Director of Technology will track the percentage of repurposed devices that require replacement to provide return on investment data for future planning.