Total Cost of Ownership: Computer Replacement

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 1 year, 4 months ago

Total Cost of Ownership: Computer Replacement

A teacher recently contacted the CUSD Director of Technology with the request to clean and update an older, slower computer.  Upon investigation, the computer itself was over six years old and three operating systems behind current Windows operating systems.  Using a Total Cost of Ownership model, the CUSD Director of Technology identified that it would be less costly to the district to replace the machine than to attempt to "repair" it.  

How is this so? Compared to the cost of simply replacing the machine, the cost of attempting to revive a computer older than four years old is a poor investment.  

Cleaning the Machine:  The process of cleaning old program files and un-needed software off of a computer can take approximately five hours, sometimes longer depending on the condition of the machine.  Additionally, running Windows updates can take up to ten hours, although this process can generally be left to run and checked on periodically.  In cleaning alone, the computer would have cost the district approximately six hours of computer technician salary.  Note, this is six hours of time that the computer technician is taken from classrooms, students, staff - tasks that need immediate attention to continue the process of learning.

Compatibility Issues with Older Operating Systems:  When using older operating systems, all Windows updates may not apply to the machine.  This can cause security issues as well as problems with current software requirements. 

Testing and Software:  Online testing modules often require a machine that is no older than five years to operate.  Tests that run through Chromebooks and Chrome devices will not run on any device older than five years.  Teaching and business software follows a similar model. 

Every Learning Minutes Counts:  The processing speed of a machine older than four years old begins to significantly impact the ability of the learner, or teacher presenting information, to quickly access educational content.  When every class moment, every learning opportunity, every minute counts, the "cost" of those lost moments is loss of learning time.  The distraction of trying to troubleshoot an older device is not worth losing the momentum of a learning activity.  

CUSD has adopted a four year Replacement Cycle approved by the CUSD School Board.  Click here to read more about this replacement cycle.

Are you a CUSD employee wondering when your computer is due to be replaced?  Click here for a list!  (Be sure to login with your CUSD Google account as the information is private to CUSD staff.)