Two Large Projects in 2016: Computer Replacement versus Office 365 Migration

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 1 year, 1 month ago

Two Large Projects in 2016: Computer Replacement versus Office 365 Migration

Many staff who have older Dell 390s, the computers that are being replaced in the 2016-17 school year, are wondering why was my computer switched out a few months ago and now again?

Answer: There are two very large projects occurring in CUSD technology this school year.  (1) Office 365 file and email migration and (2) Computer replacement on the four year cycle.  

(1) Office 365 Computer Swaps:

Office 365 file and email migration was necessary to pull files and email off local servers that were aging and due for replacement and storage increases.  By pulling files off the local servers and onto a cloud server, we remove that storage burden from our local spaces and saved the expense of replacements and upgrades.  

Office 365 included OneDrive, the cloud storage, as well as Office 2016 software (Word, Excel, etc.).  These programs would not run properly on Dell 390s, machines that were four years or older, without wiping the machines completely to ensure there was enough space for the computer to run as fast as possible.  Programs such as iTunes, Google Earth, Photoshop, and others had to be removed from the older machines to ensure that the new Office programs would run properly.  

In order to keep pace with the necessary email and file transfers off of our local servers, cleaned and prepared Dell 390s were placed in classrooms as needed.  This enabled the IT Team to migrate files for staff, and as it turns out just in the nick of time as an issue on the older email server caused issues for approximately a full week right at the very end of the transfer project.  

(2) Computer Replacements:

Computer Replacements is an entirely different project, although some staff will have experienced both the Office 365 Computer Swap as well as Computer Replacement this school year due to the timing of their computer replacement.  

Computer Replacement cycles are actually cost saving measures that minimize the hourly staff rate expense.

The shift to cloud storage completed in the Office 365 migration as well as the move to Google Drive many years ago greatly expedites the process of computer replacements.  New computers out of the box take hours of set up, but with the new cloud storage the final process of setting up staff simply means setting up the machine to look at the cloud based solutions for the staff member.  Transferring of files and data, which used to take IT Staff time, is no longer necessary.  

Are you a CUSD employee wondering when your computer is due to be replaced?  Click here for a list!  (Be sure to login with your CUSD Google account as the information is private to CUSD staff.)