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Interdistrict Transfers FAQs

Q: What is an Interdistrict Transfer?
A: An Interdistrict Transfer is an agreement allowing students to attend a school in a district other than their district of residence.
A Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) student can request a transfer to another district, or an outside student can request a transfer into CUSD. All inter-district transfers are subject to review and approval. Approval of an Interdistrict Attendance Permit does not guarantee enrollment in a particular school. Once admitted into a school, an Interdistrict student is generally allowed to continue at that school to the highest grade level, so long as terms and conditions are met and maintained.
Interdistrict Attendance Permits may be granted for the following reasons:
  • Senior Student: The district may permit those pupils who are in the highest grade of elementary, junior, or senior high school permission to graduate from the school which they have attended just prior to their move to another district. This is for resident students who move out of the District. 
  • Continuing Student: If the student had an interdistrict transfer and was attending the school the prior year.
  • Social Adjustment/Academic Adjustment: These are to be on a trial basis for social or academic adjustment only. These cases must have verification by the school authorities of the district of residence and the school authorities of the district of desired attendance.
  • Specialized Courses of Training: Availability of specialized courses or training in the district of desired attendance that are not available in the district of residence.
  • Planned Change of Residence: Specific and written evidence must be given that a residence in the district of desired attendance is being obtained. Such a permit should not be issued for longer than three months except to permit pupil to finish out the school year.
  • Employment-Related: Districts may approve or deny requests for enrollment of elementary school pupils based upon the location of the parent’s/guardian’s place of employment, namely, within the school boundaries of the district of desired attendance.
  • Child Care: These are to be granted only when it is impossible to arrange adequate child care or supervision in the district of residence. Requests for child care enrollment can only be considered if there is sufficient room in the school district of desired attendance.
  • Victim of a Violent Crime: A victim of a violent crime that occurred while on school grounds. The student is only eligible if there are no other schools within the district of residence where the student may be transferred.
  • Siblings: If a sibling is currently enrolled in the district.
*** Requests based upon convenience or personal preference will not be considered ***
Q: What grade levels are considered for Interdistrict Transfers?
A: Grades TK-12 will be considered for transfer.
Q: How will we be notified of our acceptance or denial?
A: You will receive an acceptance / denial in the mail. The letter will come directly from Coronado Unified School District. At this time applications for the 21/22 school year are still pending. District personnel will notify parents as soon as possible. Per the IDT application, please ensure that your student is enrolled and registered in their District, or an alternative program pending CUSD's decision. 

Q: If my application is denied, is there an appeal process?
A: Yes, there is an appeal process. Parents can complete a written appeal that will be reviewed and responded to by District Administration. Please contact if you wish to appeal the decision. 
Q: If a student is accepted, is transportation provided by the Coronado Unified School District?
A: No, parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their child to and from school.
Q: Once a student is approved, can their transfer be revoked?
A: Yes, students may have their Interdistrict Transfer revoked at any time for failure to meet the terms and conditions of their application.
Q: What do I do if I have more questions?
A: Please contact