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Professional Development Days

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Professional Development Days

October 14-15, 2013


October 14 & 15 will be training days for our faculty and staff. There will be no school at all sites.

Teachers will be heavily involved in learning activities on Monday, October 14 for our CUSD Professional Development Days. Teachers and administrators who are experts in their grade level or department will assist with the learning on Monday morning. Teachers will be asked to take a portion of the Smarter Balanced Practice Test together with a group of teachers from their same department or grade level. Before, during, and after taking the test, those teachers will then train to become more proficient in the new learning management system called Haiku. They will try out a few of the tools such as the discussion board and polling features as a vehicle for discussion. After all have taken the test and practiced with Haiku, the hope is that all teachers will have a better understanding of the impact the new Smarter Balanced Assessment will have on students and the implications for instruction. 

Then on Tuesday, October 15, the full staff will hear and view a presentation by Gretchen Shipley on digital citizenship. Her presentation will feature cyber-citizenship in the school community and the implications of cyber-misconduct in the classroom and workplace.  Ms. Shipley will offer guidance on employee and student issues that stem from embedding technology into public education.