Child Nutrition Services

Child Nutrition Services

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The Child Nutrition Services Department at Coronado Unified School District works to surpass the standard nutrition requirements while also creating meals and an environment that is attractive to students.

In adhering to nutritional standards, we not only follow the strict guidelines set forth by the State of California, but also those stated in the Student Wellness section of the Governing Board’s by-laws. We understand that health in our students needs to be cultivated in the classroom as well as at lunchtime. Nutrition is important, but so is encouraging children to actually eat the food. After all, what good is healthy food if they refuse to eat it? We also realize that we must create a conducive and attractive food service environment. The Island Café is specially designed and constructed to create a desirable ambiance. On the whole, we seek to serve students at both a nutritional level and also an enjoyment level.

FARM TO SCHOOL - Child Nutrition Services feels it's important for your student to make a connection with what's on their tray and where their food comes from. That is why we partner with Food 4 Thought to bring the freshest seasonal produce to your school's cafeteria. Through their 'Farm to School' program they are able to partner with small, family-owned California farms that share a commitment to student health and nutrition.  Picked on Monday and “straight to the plate” on Thursday and Friday...ENJOY THE HARVEST!

School Menus School Menus: February 10 - March 27 

**Click here for our new DIGITAL MENU!! The menu features pictures of all the entrees, gives nutritional information, lists allergens and much more**

Download our digital menu for iPhones and Androids to make viewing the menu and adding money to meal accounts even easier!

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Charity Campbell, MS, RD, SNS
Director, Child Nutrition Services
(619) 522-8907 x2085


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