Local Assessments

CUSD Assessments

Local Assessments

Our school district uses several formative assessments to determine immediately a student's skill level and needs. Data from these resources are used to inform teachers into making sound instructional decisions during the school year.  They are called formative assessments as they inform. 

Blue Star Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) from NWEA  

MAP is a computer-adaptive test, creating a unique assessment for each individual student based on how a student answers each question. MAP is aligned to Common Core State Standards. Students  are generally assessed three times a year on MAP. The data is available immediately and is shared with administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Students create a personalized education plan (PEP), recognizing strengths and setting goals for growth. MAP is completely funded by Department of Defense Education Activity.

Blue Star Developmental Reading Assessment 2 

DRA2 is used by CUSD elementary teachers to assess each student's ability to read. It includes several components that help teachers determine students' ability to decode, read with fluency, and comprehend. It is typically administered by teachers in grades 1-5 a few times a year; kindergarten students are assessed using other measures. Results are shared with parents. Knowing detailed information about each reader helps teachers tailor instruction to each student's needs.