Preschool & Child Care

Preschool & Child Care

CUSD Preschool and Child Care Programs

The Preschool and Child Care Department runs three different programs.

The first program is child care at the elementary school level.  Within child care there are two different options. The first option is general care where children are given a place to be before or after school. This works well for parents who need to be at work either earlier or later than the typical school hours. The second option is just enrolling your child in our Kid’s Club Connection (KCC). Here we offer a variety of clubs from homework help to cooking to creative art.  These are wonderful options that expand your child’s knowledge and skill level in a variety of disciplines!  If your child in registered for full-time in child care, he/she is automatically enrolled in KCC.  

Our other two programs are two preschools: Crown Preschool and Strand Preschool.  We understand that a child’s education doesn’t start when they get into kindergarten.  It should and can start years before that.  Both preschools create an environment where children are formed academically, physically, and socially. Strand Preschool is a state-funded program located at Strand Elementary School.  Crown Preschool is a tuition-funded preschool located at the Early Childhood Development Center.  For more about both programs and registration, visit their individual websites below:

Visit the Crown Preschool Website » 
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Visit the Strand Preschool Website »

Registration Registration

For child care on the first day of school, registration must be completed by August 21, 2017, to ensure coverage.  Forms are available in the child care office (199 Sixth St.). You may also access forms online or they are available at the front offices of Village and Strand schools.  After August 21, 2017, there is a waiting period before care can be provided. 

To enroll your child, please complete and return the Registration Form, Behavior Guidelines and Discipline Policy Form, ID and Emergency Information Form, and Consent for Medical Treatment Form, along with a registration fee of $50.

Click here for Child Care Registration and Kids Club Connection Registration Forms »

Contact Us Contact Us

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