Preschool & Child Care

Preschool & Child Care

Crown & Silver Strand Preschool


We understand that a child’s education doesn’t start when they get into kindergarten.  It should start years before that.  Both preschools create an environment where children are formed academically, physically, and socially. Silver Strand Preschool offers one State funded program for the 2020-2021 year.  The program is QRIS state-funded and for 2 years has earned a 5-star rating. Additionally, the program receives a County grant for Quality Preschool Initiative, QPI.  Crown Preschool is a tuition-funded preschool located at the Early Childhood Development Center.  For additional information about each program, visit the websites below:

Crown Preschool

Silver Strand Preschool


Village & Silver Strand Child Care

Registration for 2020-2021 has not yet begun. Please stay tuned for registration information.

Coronado Unified School District offers Child Care programs for our elementary students, which extends learning and fun into the hours before and after school.  The program provides a safe space for your child in the early morning and until the late afternoon. Children have the option to participate in indoor and outdoor activities including sports or arts and crafts and, in the afternoon, are invited to bring a snack or choose one from a provided selection. 

Program Overview

Before School Activities

We offer care starting at 6:30 a.m. where students can quietly study or read, join a morning activity or catch up with friends.  Care is located in Village Hall for Village elementary students, in the Childcare "A" Room at ECDC for TK and Kindergartners, and in the Child Care room at Silver Strand.  Upon arrival, parents are required to check in their child/children through our system.  Breakfast is not available through the District, but children may bring their own.  At 8:00 a.m., we escort the children to their respective playgrounds to line up for school. 

After School Activities

Afternoon Child Care, at all sights, begins once school is let out and students are led from their classrooms to begin the check-in process and then participate in a variety of daily indoor and outdoor activities.  Each day we will offer an array of activities for the enjoyment of the children along with an afternoon snack.  Care is available until 6pm at all CUSD sites.

ClockVillage Aftercare ScheduleClockECDC Aftercare Schedule

Parent Pick Up

All children must be checked out in our system when they are picked up NO LATER THAN 6pm.  For the students at Village, checking out is done through Village Hall located on H Avenue.  At ECDC and Silver Stand, parents will check out students at the Child Care classroom. If you are going to have someone else pick up your child that is not on the Emergency Contact List or Authorized Contact List, please email the Director with 24-hour notice.  The children will not be allowed to leave Child Care without your prior permission! Please remind people picking up to bring a photo ID. 

Drop-Ins, Absences and Schedule Changes

We are able to offer drop-in services in the morning and afternoon sessions at all sites as long as a session is not currently full.  Fees are listed on the rate sheet and will be charged on the day of the drop-in.  Students must be registered in ProCare and have an emergency form on file before requesting a drop-in (instructions below).  Please email us, with 48 hours' notice, making sure to include date of service, student name, grade level and teacher.  You will receive a confirmation email once the request has been processed and it is determined that space is available.  Drop-ins will be charged at the time of service and payment is expected before the 10th day of the next billing cycle.  

Important Links

Online Payments through MyProcare

Current Childcare Newsletter

Online Registration 

Parents enrolling or re-registering for the current year of child care must complete a 2-step application process.  You will receive a confirmation email once complete and can then verify your child's schedule in Procare by clicking the "schedule" tab.  Please allow 48-72 hours for processing.  If a program is full, you will be notified within that time frame as well. 


Step 1. Register in MyProcare (Required)

Step 2. Review & Submit Emergency Form (Required)


Step 3. Submit your automated online payment form 


Contact Us Contact Us

Site Phone Numbers:
Emergency Cell: (619) 972-5561
Village: (619) 522-8915 ext. 5884
ECDC: (619) 522-6087
Silver Strand: (619) 522-8934 ext. 4081

Child Care Mailing Address
199 Sixth Street, Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 522-6085

Director of Preschool and Child Care Services
Lisa Alonso
(619) 522-6085

Assistant to the Director
Tracy Denault
(619) 522-6087