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CUSD's WorkAbility Program has an extensive Haiku Page with information about summer employment, Community Scholarship Program, skills and what employers are looking for, resume tips, and other documentation to assist parents and students. Please visit Haiku to access all information. Below is a small sampling of resources available.

For those students who are not yet 18, the state of California does allow students to work by applying for a Minor Work Permit. Please look below for additional documents:

Work Permit Application

Minor Summary Chart for Employment 

Focus on the Skills!

What Do Employers Really Want?

What are soft skills? These are transferable skills, and therefore can be used in many different types of jobs. The attitude and qualities you bring to a position can help you work well with others and make a positive contribution to the organizations you work for.

Find out what is most important to employers looking to hire students or others for entry-level jobs.

Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success

Resume Workshop

A resume is a short and descriptive document that is usually the first item an employee sees regarding you. Resumes are used in the job search process to network with others, to respond to job ads online or in newspapers, or to submit along with an application form. As an account of your work experience, education, and qualifications, the resume’s main purpose is to get you an opportunity to interview with the employer.


  • Length- One page will suffice for most resumes
  • Use one font throughout the document
  • Use BOLD to emphasize the most important features
  • Acceptable font size are 10-12
  • Be consistent with tabs, dates, and other formatting features

Click below for additional resume tools

Resume Skills Checklist

Resume Writing Tips