Budget and Resources

CUSD Future Ready

Budget and Resources Gears

Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Total Cost of Ownership is HUGE.  Example: Chromebooks

Alignment to District- and Building-level Strategic and Tactical Plans

  • Site Based Budgeting
  • All purchases aligned to LCAP, Technology Plan, and Strategic Plans

Consistent Funding Streams

  • Coronado Schools Foundation
  • PTO Groups
  • Local partnerships
  • School site fundraisers for specific programs
  • Grants

Learning Return on Investment

  • Using technology devices to maximize student learning opportunities

Plans for Progress: 

  • Implement improved ticket management system, SchoolDude
  • Use data tools inside ticket management system to drive decisions in staffing and task management
  • User-friendly way to communicate technology budget structure and process
  • Consistent Funding Streams is an area of challenge.  Creative thinking is a must!
  • Simplify device management
  • Move from managing devices to managing online systems (example: Google)
  • Continue to virtualize