Computers, Network, and Equipment

Technology How-To's

Visit this page for information about some of our district's technology tools.

Website User Guide

For staff who post to the district websites, instructions are below!

  1. How to Add Alt Text to Images
  2. How to Add Table Captions to Tables 
  3. How to change Bold Text tags to Strong Text tags
  4. How to "Nest" Headings to Keep them In Order
  5. How to Create Descriptive Text Links

Phone User Guide

Install Printer

Take and Send a Screen Shot

This is especially useful when experiencing a technical glitch and want to email Tech Support or TRT a picture of what you see on your screen!

  1. Locate Print Screen button on your keyboard
    Often found in upper left corner of keyboard
    On some netbooks/laptops, must press Fn button at same time as Print Screen button
  2. To take a “screen shot,” Press Print Screen button
  3. Open a Word document OR new a Outlook email message
  4. Click cursor on page where you would like screen shot image to show
  5. Press Ctrl+V (paste)
  6. You can now click the image/screen shot and use the Picture Toolbar to crop, resize, etc.


ENO Interactive Whiteboard

ENO Polyvision Tech Support: 1-800-620-7659