Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

CUSD Technology

Future Ready District

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Gear

Curriculum Gear

21st Century/Deeper Learning

  • Students OWN the content that they develop
  • Tools and programs to promote “Mastery Based Learning,” access to content, and tiered support/resources for all
  • Interactive and collaborative programs including Google and Haiku Learning Management System
  • Personalized learning programs: NWEA MAP, Compass Learning, SumDog, etc.

Collaborative, Relevant, and Applied Learning

  • Support use of Open Educational Resources (OER)
    :  New norm for curriculum, resources, and classroom materials
    :  Freely available for use, reuse, adaptation, and sharing
    :  E-book formats
  • Provide tools and support for blended learning
    :  Blended learning offers more options to students
    :  Blended learning supports anytime, anywhere learning
    :  Tools include video, audio, learning management system, and cloud-based programs

Leveraging Technology

  • BYOD leverages technology for anytime, anywhere learning for personalized approach
  • Haiku and Google create a seamless experience through SSO (Single Sign On); Chromebooks increase seamlessness
  • Haiku and Google collaboration tools allow for group work in real time

Assessment - Analytics Inform Instruction

  • All computer-based
    :  Smarter Balanced Assessment
    :  NWEA Measures of Academic Progress
  • Keyboarding and embedded tech tools
  • Real-time data
  • Parent education

Plans for Progress:

  • Grow teacher developed, online accessible content
  • Continue to identify programs that provide personalized learning opportunities
  • Implement support for teachers to weed through and organize the vast amount of resources available to them.
  • Find a suitable system for single sign on that pulls in all applications used district wide
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 to provide cloud-based Office system access for staff   
  • Develop Data Dashboard