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Data and Privacy Gear

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Data and Data Systems

  • Expectations for data has changed
    :  Students and Parents want specific results
    :  Proliferation of assessment techniques and reportable data
    :  Feedback and reporting systems are expected to be instantaneous.
    :  State and federal legislation demand accountability and extensive data input of schools and staff.
  • Tools and programs to promote “Mastery Based Learning,” access to content, and tiered support/resources for all

Data Policies, Procedures, and Practices

  • Secure Student Information System
    :  Data is entered in one place
    :  Access to other systems, including parent access, is controlled by educational rights settings in SIS
  • Policies – Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Discipline Action Guide (DAG)

Data-Informed Decision-Making

  • NWEA MAP – multiple times a year, shared with parents and students for PEP development

Data Literate Education Professionals

  • Staff is trained and informed of privacy of student information
  • Staff informed and adhere to policies in professional contract for acceptable use

District Decisions Ensure Student Privacy

  • All contracts for online software are examined to ensure they meet requirements for student protections.
  • Staff and students are educated on expectations of confidentiality.

Plans for Progress:

  • Develop Data Dashboard
  • Update AUP annually to include most current technology language.
  • Continue use of NWEA MAP and Compass Learning, always explore additional programs    
  • Grow educator and student data literacies, including additional education regarding privacy of login information
  • Implement district wide K-12 program for digital safety and digital citizenship