NEW! SchoolDude Login for IT Support Requests

Click Here to Request Support

SchoolDude has implemented a new password security level when logging in to open technology support requests.  Please follow the steps below to create your login password:

Click this link:

Click “Forgot Password?”

Enter your email address (ex.

Click “Submit”

You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

When opening a technology support request:

Steps 1 – 5 enter information

Step 6 Submittal Password:  helpmeplease

If asked for a code, the CUSD number is: 681605632

CLICK HERE to view video for login instructions.  

TIP! SchoolDude is the system used for requests by both CUSD IT Department and CUSD Maintenance and Operations.  BE SURE to submit your request under the correct tab after logging in.  

The SchoolDude Ticket System provides the opportunity for communication improvement from the IT Department. The following tasks will be implemented beginning next week to align with the improvement processes for communication from the CUSD IT Department:

  1. Prioritize Directly on Ticket - Site Administrators, or their TRT designee, can now identify priority tickets by marking "high" on the SchoolDude Ticket. Administrators and TRTs are the only staff members that can denote the priority on tickets in the system. 
  2. Site Ticket Work - Network Supervisors and Computer Technicians complete much of their work from their desktop
    computers via remote access. All CUSD IT Department staff have a desktop at the district office. On dates marked for specific site tickets, the work may or may not take place at the specific school site location depending on the task.
  3. Site Ticket Days - On dates specifically allocated to school sites for ticket work, school site TRTs are invited to text or call the Computer Technician cell phone at any time that day to inquire on progress of prioritized tickets or to alert the Computer Technician of unforeseen urgent technology needs.
  4. Ticket Completion Time - Not all tickets are created equal! Some tickets may take fifteen minutes to complete. Others may take up to twelve hours or more. The CUSD IT Department will indicate time spent on each ticket in the SchoolDude system. The required time for each ticket completion can therefore impact the number of tickets that can be completed in any given week.

For the Future: The SchoolDude system was implemented to increase efficiency in the CUSD IT Department. Please see more information here:

Please find the Technology Resource Teacher Job Description for your reference here: