Professional Learning

CUSD Professional Learning Ideals

Shared Ownership and Responsibility for Professional Growth

  • District Professional Development Committee
  • Technology Resource Teachers (TRTs)
  • Staff Surveys

21st Century Skill Set

  • Implement researched based best practice methods: Project RED 2010 research from 1000 schools
    :  First & only national study of Ed Tech to focus on student achievement and financial implications.
    :  Replicable design for introducing tech in the classroom that leads to improved student performance and cost benefits.
    :  Taking the next step to achieve second-order, transformational change in schools.

Diverse Opportunities for Professional Learning

  • Staff best practice and “Tech Tips” sessions school site meetings
  • Conferences/Summits: including district led mini-conferences for staff led by district experts and county office
  • Hosting learning summits, such as Google Summit
  • Visitation, coaching, research, and peer observation

Broad-Based, Participative Evaluation

  • Rebuilt teacher evaluation process to include student and parent surveys
  • Digital evaluation tool Progress Advisor 

Plans for Progress:

  • Increase staff and student surveys to identify areas of technology professional learning needs
  • Develop time at each school site for TRT lead professional development
  • Increase TRT Support for school sites
  • Continue participation in Project RED
  • Teacher leaders present at conferences/summits
  • Expand “Tech Tips” sessions across school sites   
  • Online professional development that personalizes for the professional learner 
  • Visit other schools to learn best practices 
  • Personalized Learning for Staff: Align PD opportunities to meet individual teacher goals