Technology, Networks, and Hardware

CUSD Future Ready

in the area of Technology, Networks, and Hardware

Adequacy of Devices; Quality and Availability

  • Device and OS Agnostic
  • Shift from managing individual devices to managing online domains
  • Support BYOD to provide students with a  personalized experience

Robust Network Infrastructure

  • Wireless
    :  Cisco
    :  Solarwinds 
  • Tools for monitoring and shaping bandwidth use
  • Virtual for future growth & sustainability
  • Virtual infrastructure for server environment–
    Built a robust infrastructure; systemic, sustainable, capable of future growth

Adequate and Responsive Support

  •  IT Team = Infrastructure Operations Team
  • Leaders are architects with cross-domain experience
  • Broad skills across networks, servers, and middleware
  • Break down barriers between design and build
  • IT meeting the pressure to become increasingly agile

Formal Cycle for Review and Replacement

  • Detailed and updated inventory
  • Documented end of life expectancy  

Plans for Progress:

  • Limit all software installs; should be easy to swap devices out for new ones when needed
  • Further develop backup plans and online data management
  • Implement additional Solar Winds tools for monitoring and shaping bandwidth use
  • Application shaping and SSID refinement
  • Continually improve data backup plans and online data management
  • Continually monitor bandwidth needs, especially related to streaming demands
  • Data Dashboard providing real time identification of equipment end of life
  • Inventory management software with scanning devices, especially for checkouts