Frontline Substitute Reporting System

Coronado Unified is using a new automated service called FRONTLINE (formerly AESOP). Available 24/7, it can be accessed via internet and phone.  Frontline provides you with the ability to set up your own “Preferred Substitutes” roster, and substitutes included on your list will be given preferential treatment by FRONTLINE. If they are qualified and available, FRONTLINE will notify them immediately when you register an absence.

Login to the Frontline site at


Call the system at 1-800-942-3767

Below are some helpful training videos that will help you become more familiar with the program.  Please note that to access any of the videos, you will need to log into the Frontline program.

QuickStart Guides

Frontline Training Videos


Should you need any assistance with the Frontline program, please do the following:

  • Contact your Site/Department Administrative Assistant
  • Email
  • Call the HR Department at (619) 522-8900, ext. 1010