United Health Care

United Healthcare HMO (Performance HMO)

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  • United Healthcare Website
    • Click on "Find a Doctor"
    • Click on "Your State"
    • Click on "Choose a Plan" (Select CS VEBA Performance HMO Plan Network 1, 2, or 3)
    • Click on "Choose a Provider Type"
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Contact Best Doctors if you're diagnosed with a serious, complex or rare medical condition.
Phone: 888-362-8677
Contact your VEBA Health Care Advocate if you:
  • Have questions about your rights as a patient.
  • Are faced with a serious medical issue and aren't sure what to do
  • Need help or more information to resolve a medical quality or access problem that you can't resolve through your provider or health care plan.
Phone: 619-278-0021

Optum Health (Chiropractic) 
Contact Optum Member Service to help you find participating chiropractic providers.
Phone: 800-428-6337
Optum Health (Mental Health)
You must call Optum Health for a pre-authorization of ALL inpatient, outpatient and Employee Assistance Program appointments.
Phone: 888-625-4809