3 Reasons You Should Sign Your Child Up for Summer Enrichment

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3 Reasons You Should Sign Your Child Up for Summer Enrichment

It’s almost summer! As your children are counting down the days until school is out, you’re probably trying to decide on the best way for them to spend their vacation days. Coronado School Foundation Summer Enrichment program offers students the chance to join educational and exciting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics)-inspired classes with proceeds benefiting Coronado Unified School District.  Register by May 15 to save $10 off each class, plus 10% off for enrolling in more than one class. 

The program incorporates vital academic principles within fun and creative courses. CSF started the program seven years ago when the state no longer provided Coronado Unified with funding for summer enrichment.  Under the leadership of CSF Summer Enrichment Principal Kathy Shady, aka Village Elementary 5th grade teacher, dozens of students’ parents sign up their children for classes year after year.

Here are three reasons you should consider signing up your student for Summer Enrichment this year.


Innovative & Fun Classes 

Not to be confused with traditional summer school, classes at CSF Summer Enrichment are fun, and your children will be happy to know that, with the exception of some of the high school classes there isn’t any homework. The classes extend learning into the summer by keeping your child’s brain engaged over summer break as they actively partake in STEAM subjects. 

There’s a class for every student, no matter what their interests may be. Most classes will have 12-15 students and include hands-on learning and exploration. Some of this year’s classes include:  

  • Bridging to AP CHEM
  • Cooks Around the World
  • Creating Theatre
  • Debate
  • Engineering
  • Expressive Art
  • Flag Football
  • Game, Set, Math, and Tennis
  • Guitar
  • Island Detective
  • Jump Start Kindergarten
  • Navigating Middle School
  • Quidditch
  • SAT Prep
  • Wacky Science

Classes are separated by grades so content is relevant to each student’s level. They are also taught independently of each other, so if a student wants to take Wacky Science two weeks in a row, they’ll get new information and activities.


Quality Instruction 

Credentialed CUSD teachers or professionals, who are experts in their field, teach each class. For example, Silver Strand PE teacher Eric Bachmann, will be taking on Flag Football and Quidditch; Island Detective is a partnership with the Coronado Historical Association; and Steve Reiss, who has more than 20 years of experience with the material, will be leading the SAT and ACT prep classes.

Every year, the instructor leading the course takes the time to create original curriculum. They may collaborate with other instructors to build a lesson plan, but students can count on new material, even if they’ve taken the class the previous year.


Flexible Program Schedule 

We know summer can be a season to spend time together as a family, and that’s one of the reasons CSF Summer Enrichments offers a flexible schedule. The majority of the classes are built to be one-week, stand-alone classes, and most of them are offered multiple times throughout the summer. If a student has to miss a week of Summer Enrichment because of other obligations or a family vacation, they can take a class when their schedule opens up. 

The only exceptions to this scheduling are the College Prep—Common Application, Creating Theatre Camp, and SAT Prep classes, which must be taken for the full three weeks. 

For a second year, the program will offer both morning and afternoon sessions, with each class session running for three hours, and a supervised lunch option for students enrolled in both sessions.


What You Need to Know to Register

Registration for CSF Summer Enrichment is now open! Prices increase on May 15th so register your child today. Enrollment determines the schedule, so if one class lacks students, it may be canceled before the program starts.

For 2018, classes will be held the weeks of:

  • June 19-22,
  • June 25-29, and
  • July 9-13.

Please visit Coronado Schools Foundation online for a complete list of classes and descriptions, as well as prices and information about needs-based scholarships. You can also call 619-437-8059, ext. 4.