Everyone is a Reader

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Everyone is a Reader

What if we told you that 15 minutes of dedicated reading a day could change a child’s life? Not only it is true, but also through our Everyone is a Reader Program (EAR), we see this transformation happen day in and day out at our elementary schools. More importantly, you can be the conduit for this transformation. More on that in a minute.

Let’s underline the importance of reading. In short, you can’t succeed in any industry without strong reading skills. Even in the classroom, with the implementation of today’s Common Core, studying math boils down to navigating written story problems.

Now let’s take a recent example of one of our students we’ll name “Cory.” Cory was a 5th grade student who transferred to CUSD. Despite a deep desire to learn, Cory read at a 1st grade reading level. Now, remember that all of Cory’s core subjects, such as science, math and language, are built around reading. Not only was school incredibly frustrating, but also Cory’s confidence started to falter. Through our intervention and support services, Cory was placed into the EAR program. Three or four times a week, Cory would sit down for fifteen minutes to read with one of our amazing volunteers. 

Here’s the transformation you’ve been waiting for. By the end of the school year, Cory wrapped up the school year at a 4th grade reading level. The shy, hesitant student was gone. Instead, we saw an incredibly confident student emerge, eager to read aloud in class and adorning a constant smile.

That’s the power of our Everyone is a Reader program.


Volunteering for Everyone is a Reader Program 

In case you haven’t noticed, a fundamental piece of this program relies on an incredible group of volunteers. With the phenomenal results we gain from this program, you might think that it’s a big commitment. It’s not. In fact, all we ask is for one hour a week from our volunteers. 

Yes, one hour a week gives you the ability to magically transform the lives of four different amazing students, just like our volunteers did for Cory.

We pair volunteers with four different students to read for 15 minutes once a week. Week in and week out, the same four students will sit down and practice their reading with the volunteers. Over the course of the week, each student in the EAR program will sit down with a volunteer three to four times to read out loud for fifteen minutes.

Each reading session, the student and the volunteer will work through up to three books. The student reads each book twice before moving onto new material. Together the volunteer and the student log their process and which books the student reads to let the volunteer the following day know their progress. Once a book is completed, the student will be able to select a new book from grade specific tubs in the reading room.


Attending the Training 

If you have a spare hour each week and are eager to transform a child’s life, then come join our EAR trainings at either Silver Strand Elementary School or Village Elementary School. The programs primarily work with students in 1st through 4th grade, but often extend the program to students in other grades depending on the student.

It’s important to attend the training to learn the best practices on teaching students to read. While it may sound odd, there is a standard practice for sounding out words and navigating through new reading levels. We want to ensure that each volunteer can master this so that each student has a smooth reading experience throughout the week. This also helps the program coordinators to see how a student is progressing and when to bump them up to the next reading level.


Here are the training times and coordinator contacts for both elementary schools:

Silver Strand Elementary School

September 19th from 10:30-12:30

Contact Ellen Cody at Ellen.Cody@coronadousd.net for questions or to sign up for the training.


Village Elementary School

September 28th from 12:30-2:20 in Room 502

Contact Libbey Riddle at Libbey.Riddle@coronadousd.net for questions or to sign up for training.