Register Now to Attend SAFE's Annual Parenting Conference

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Register Now to Attend SAFE's Annual Parenting Conference

A Message from Georgia C. Ferrell, Executive Director of Coronado SAFE (Student And Family Enrichment):

Each year finding the right speakers for the parent conference is a big task. Why? because Coronado is an affluent community with well educated parents and caregivers who have TONS of resources at the tips of their fingers. 

One thing we know about this community is that parents have access to information but are often unsure of how to implement the information. This years Parent Conference is bringing it back to basics with the most amazing presenters we have ever had. Register now to attend Saturday, January 27th.

Dr. Mark Katz is one of the leading Psychologists in the Nation, he is highly sought after for his work surrounding Resiliency. Sometimes we don't understand why some children and families are more resilient than others, Dr Katz has a profound evidence based understanding as to how you can build resiliency within yourself and your children, even in the face of adversity, with the research to back it. 

Erica Curtis will close out the conference by highlighting unique ways to connect with your child. We are tired of hearing all of the same jargon, "just listen more" "be there for your child" "don't over react" There are better ways to connect with your child and handle difficult life events. Coming from UCLA, working directly with the Director of UCLA Arts and Healing Erica will change everything you thought you knew about connecting with your child, tween, or teen. 

To put it simply, this year the Parent Conference is geared up to pull parents and the community out of all the self help books, facebook articles, and give parents personal, face to face intervention, to use at homeRegister now to attend.

From our workshop presenters to our keynote speakers the conference is a "one size fits all" event. There is something for everyone no matter how young or old your child is or what your family structure looks like. Divorced? this parent conference is for you. Teens? This parent conference is for you. Toddlers? This parent conference is for you. Kids in college? This parent conference is for you.

In group sports it is often said that "the team is only as strong as its weakest link" What if that wasn't true, what if every link in the team served a different purpose and could be developed into its most genuine, successful, individual self, with great purpose? That is the potential every family has, and this years Parent Conference speakers will provide the tools to do so. 

The goal isn't to "solve" the problem. Problems will always be there, it is how you handle a problem when it arises and continue building and strengthening the family structure in the face of everyday adversity. 

Register now to attend the Coronado SAFE's 6th Annual Parenting Conference on Saturday, January 27th.


Thank you so very much,

Georgia C. Ferrell

Executive Director

Coronado SAFE (Student And Family Enrichment)

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