VA Senior Showcase Exhibition

Posted by: Elisabeth Josset 2 weeks, 1 day ago

VA Senior Showcase Exhibition

This year in lieu of our traditional in-person Senior Showcase Exhibition, CoSA Visual Art students are recording Artist Highlight video Interviews to share their work. Conservatory chair Karrie Jackson will be interviewing all Senior CoSA Visual Artists.  The links will be posted here for everyone to enjoy. 

Click on the links/names to support our students in their creative journeys!

In this Senior Artist Highlight interview, Kristianne shares her work in a variety of media from over the years. Everything from precise and delicate papercuts to unique conceptual sculpture to digital media and portrait painting. With such a wide variety of interests, Kristianne brings a truly fun spirit to her uniquely inspired and spontaneous creations! We Love You, Kristianne!

Julia Ambros shares her love for creating ceramics with us. In this Senior Artist Highlight video, Julia discusses the concepts behind her work exploring different shapes of human love as well as a sense of friendship and home. A true master of her own craft, Julia has studied alongside many teachers, both on campus and through multiple summer college programs over the years which speaks to the dedication she has for her artmaking. She shares how her  process, choices and motifs have evolved over time with much of her work exploring how the fluid and graphic qualities of one’s sketchbook that can be translated into 3D ceramic form. Follow Julia’s work @bichowow on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and visit her website Contact her for commissions at Not only was Juulia awarded the President's Scholarship at the School of Art Institute Chicago (SAIC), it will be a joy to watch her work continue to develop as she studies next year at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)  where she has earned the RISD Scholarship for the entirety of her Undergrad studies. We Love You, Julia!

In this interview, Emma, one of our graduating Senior Artists shares the importance of tapping into her inner child as a part of her creative process. She dives into her evolution as an artist from early three dimensional works to textural exploration in painting as well as her latest transformations in blending and layering techniques.  Follow Emma on Instagram @sloppy_stacy new works emerging from her visions of future children’s book illustrations and her evolution of creativity. We Love You, Emma!

Senior Artist, Emi shares her vibrant watercolors centered around the Chicano identity and explores how her exposure to Mexican American culture has shaped her own concept of what it means to be Chicana. To develop this, she focused on symbolism that represents different iconic Chicano imagery as well as meaningful events from her own childhood that shaped how she sees herself as a young Chicana. Follow Emi on Instagram @emsterdamnn to see the rest of her beautiful series of artworks! We Love You, Emi!

Esteban shares a detailed account of his artistic process, growth and technique over the past 4 years. Follow Esteban on Instagram @3steban_art to see his stunning charcoal, mixed media explorations, photography and conceptual work. We Love you, Esteban!

Theo, Senior Artist shares about his work in digital art, animation , painting and the concept behind his unique view of the Hero's Journey in his AP Portfolio. Follow Theo on Instagram @sluggybunny to see his sketches, ceramics and original, funky, intense creations. so more creativity on its way. We Love you, Theo! His animation:

Viktoria, Follow her work on Instagram @cxtori she is going on to study painting at SAIC, School of the Art Institute Chicago so more creativity on its way. Vik dives into a discussion of the intent of her work incorporating a range of conceptual, emotional and technical perspectives. We Love you, Vik!

Aleksandra (Sasha) Sasha kicking off our daily Senior Artist Highlight Series over next few weeks. Student Artists will be sharing about their process, creativity and artwork over the past 4 years. You can follow Sasha and her unique creations on Instagram @picklejuuicee Enjoy! We Love you, Sasha!