Where Are Our Graduates Now? A Look At How We Help Prepare Students for Life Beyond CUSD

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Where Are Our Graduates Now? A Look At How We Help Prepare Students for Life Beyond CUSD

 We are always incredibly proud of our Coronado High School (CHS) graduates, and the class of 2017 is no exception. From middle school through our students’ senior year of high school, CUSD prepares students to reach their goals and start their college or career paths with confidence. Nearly 23% of the 2017 graduating class earned a 4.0 GPA or higher and 94% of the class had plans to attend a college or university after graduation.. Here’s an idea of where these graduates are now, based on their final transcript requests:

  • Our students matriculated out to nearly 100 different colleges and universities.
  • 5 graduates are representing CHS at Ivy League schools.
  • 26 CHS grads went to University of California (UC) schools throughout the state.
  • 39% of our 2017 graduates attending college are doing so at an out-of-state institution.

Our graduating class never ceases to surprise us with their talent, intelligence, and courage to venture out. It’s our goal at CHS to help each student reach their goals, no matter what they may be. Here’s a look at how our staff—especially our counselors—are helping our students get into their dream schools.


The Road to College Applications & Acceptance

We start working with students when they are in middle school to ensure the classes they’re choosing are aligned with their future goals. Once they become CHS Islanders, we meet with them in their classrooms, as well as on a one-on-one basis.

Our classroom visits happen three times a year, and each session focuses on a different topic: PSAT and SAT prep, options for after high school (including 2-year colleges, 4-year universities, art school, military, gap years, etc.), and college and financial aid research.

 When students reach their senior year, we give them more control of their educational choices, as well as more responsibility in scheduling appointments with our counselors. Students can use their one-on-one, 30-minute block of counseling time to  get help with college applications (if needed) and discuss their classes and post-graduation goals. 

Several colleges visit our campus in each fall (four-year universities) and spring (community colleges). Recently, we opened up the opportunity to any institution that wants to visit; this has given our students and staff the chance to learn more about smaller, international, or lesser-known schools that were previously outside our radar. While most of our students set their sights high and send their applications out to several “dream schools,” our counselors make it a point to explain all the options available to them—including paths that involve community colleges, gap years, and military enlistment.


Preparing Students for More than a College Workload & Expectations 

Our team’s years of experience with the college application, acceptance, and admittance processes have taught us a great deal about what it takes to succeed. The competitive and prestigious schools require students to take the most rigorous schedule they can handle, including extracurricular activities and club memberships.

Being in a dozen clubs around campus isn’t necessarily what schools are looking for; they want to see leadership and sustained activity. That means signing up for extracurricular activities at the eleventh hour doesn’t have the same impact as sticking with a specific club for all four years. It’s also important that those extracurricular activities are aligned with a student’s passions, interests, and what they want to study in college.

Most colleges, like schools in the UC system, also look for what they call “grit.” They want to feel assured that their incoming students have the fortitude to work through the challenges that come with college. When students demonstrate the ability to combat stress and/or anxiety or have overcome personal challenges, colleges see them as equipped with survival mechanisms that will help them be successful in post-secondary institutions.

At CHS, we promote mental health and healthy life balance. Our counseling department spends a considerable amount of time and resources helping students learn ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and high-pressure situations. It’s just one of the many ways we’re helping our Islanders get into their dream schools, land their ideal jobs, and remain successful throughout their years beyond high school.